Shed new light on your business with Nova Lux Media

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‘Nova Lux’ is latin for ‘New Light’. Our aim is to bring your business into the consciousness of your consumer; to put you in the spotlight so that you can bring about your identity, passion and values, just as much as your services or products. We don’t just market you to the wider public, we strive to develop your brand between you and your target consumer, so that you are the first choice for them. To put it simply we are brand developers.

As millennials we understand the digital and social age we live in better than most and our passion, creativity and strong work ethic, is only matched by our customer centric approach. We pride on putting your business first as if it’s our own and as such, we only work with business owners who share our values on this. If you have an open mind, trust the creative process and have a long term vision for your business, then we’re half way there.

Finally, we choose to work with smaller to medium size businesses, over more established brands simply because that’s where we can add the most value. We love the underdogs trying to make a name from something they believe in because that is who we are. If you feel like we’re the right agency for you to build up your brand, please don’t hesitate to book in an introductory call at a convenient time for you; even better just call us straight away for a friendly chat and we can take things from there.

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