How Subscription Box Businesses Can Boost Revenue And Increase Subscribers Through Facebook Ads And Marketing

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Delivery businesses and subscription box businesses are the new kid on the business block. And Facebook, while not a spring chicken in the marketing world, is resurging as the most effective form of advertising for this sort of business. Specialising in subscription box businesses, and their Facebook marketing thereof, we’ve provided some useful tips here.


Ensure You Have A Sold Offer That Has Value

Having a solid offer that makes sense financially for your business is one thing. Having a solid offer that actually entices the customer to sign up is another. Create a good offer and you can expect your CPA to be really high, with a really long payback period for the customer. While most will jump to that popular 10% discount, this is not something we advise off the bat. Rather, be creative with your offers and ensure it has a high perceived value.


Ensure Your Targeting Is On Point

Even if you’re a creative genius with the most brilliant ideas that even the most cynical will buy into, targeting the wrong audience will ensure zero percent convert. With this in mind, it’s essential to target the right audience! Use lookalike audiences and then hone in on the exact customer you want to target further and add interests, gender, and ages.


Always Structure Your Campaign Around Conversion Objective

Most subscription box businesses are limited with their budget and can’t afford to run an awareness campaign that costs them big bucks. A great suggestion from Liam Brennan, “With this in mind, try one cold traffic campaign set up with anything from 5 – 10 different ad sets running at once. These ad sets will all be targeting individual sections of our lookalike audiences. We will break our lookalikes down all the way to 10%. Each ad set will contain at least 4 different ads. The copy and headlines on the ads will be the same but they will all have different images and videos. In my experience when you are selecting placements you are only going to select the Facebook Newsfeed. Everything else will drive up the CPA.”


Get Strategic, Get Creative When Creating Your Ads So They Actually Convert

To start off with, create a simple layout that includes a great visual which stands out, a too-good-to-pass-up offer, a short explanation of your business does, social proof, and a call to action. As Brennan puts it, “The main thing is they have to grab attention and show the product in the best possible way. We also get lots of videos each month and we use a program called Animoto to edit them and add text and music for our ads. I would highly recommend adding text to your videos. We see a much higher conversion rate when we do it.”


While the above is a simplistic overview of how you can grow your subscription box business or delivery service business, rather get in touch with us at Nova Lux. We’ll discuss other cool and complicated ways to the CPA down, increase volume and conversions and get your business booming on Facebook. Email or call our Facebook Ads experts today!

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