FACEBOOK: While The Most Popular Choice, It is The Best Choice?

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These days everyone falls back on Facebook. It’s the go-to, first choice for marketers around the world. Some would even go far as to say it’s the easiest choice But, they’d be wrong. Facebook advertising may seem easy, but if you don’t know how to effectively use it, and use it well, it’s an easy road to poor advertising and low results.


However, when you find an agency like us, who specialise in Facebook advertising only, you’ll come to find that our clear focus creates better results than most opting for this common platform option. Yes, instead of focusing on all types of online advertising, our experience has shown that one focus means we’re able to truly understand and utilise this form of online marketing for our clients, and to the fullest, gaining better results than most.


Our experience has shown that Facebook is the appropriate platform for businesses like yours – local, subscription-based, and product delivery orientated. And here’s why.


It’s Not Throwing A Pie In The Sky, It Actually Reaches Your Intended Audience


When launching an ad campaign on Facebook, you want to be sure that your ad and marketing efforts successfully reach your intended audience. And it’s possible. Facebook relies on “pushing” ads in front of online viewers so ensuring you have the right intent and the right relevance means a successful result. Relevance and intent is so important in a cluttered world, especially in a world like Facebook, so ensuring you have the right content within the right context is pivotal to reaching your intended audience. As Marcello Magalhaes, from Speakeasy Knowledge Brokers, puts it: “It’s the ideal balance between effectiveness and efficiency — producing the intended or expected result and performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.”


Facebook marketing is all about targeting a niche audience. Fortunately, Facebook has the ability to actually get in front of a specific audience segment. As Matt Smokenski, from 90octane, puts it, “For a campaign targeting a broader audience, we use platforms that can scale and expand our reach through data collection and optimization.


It Connects And Creates Engagement


As stated, Facebook is the common choice among marketers, and it becomes the best choice when effective engagement is driven by customer insights. As Latane Conant from 6sense puts it, “ If your ad platform is disconnected from critical insights like which accounts to target, personas on the buying team or where they are in their journey, you’re basically just putting up a ton of digital billboards — it’s a pretty picture and cool slogan, but likely will not generate a ton of results.

It’s The Best Choice Because It Has The Potential For Acceleration

It’s a known fact, Facebook does accelerate growth the fastest when compared to the same activities conducted organically or on other platforms. Patrick Ward from Rootstrap said it best, “Organic efforts tend to have a far higher profit margin so the case for using paid efforts is when growth is needed now.”


Want to know more? Convinced that Facebook is the best choice for your business? Ready to start your Facebook journey with us? Contact us today! At NovaLux Media, we understand the digital and social age we live in better than most. Our team of highly specialized brand developers, who share a passion, creativity for social media, and strong work ethics, bring business brands into the consciousness of consumers. We put their passion, products and values into the social media spotlight, turning this into profit.

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