FACEBOOK: While The Most Popular Choice, It is The Best Choice?

These days everyone falls back on Facebook. It’s the go-to, first choice for marketers around the world. Some would even go far as to say it’s the easiest choice But, they’d be wrong. Facebook advertising may seem easy, but if you don’t know how to effectively use it, and use it well, it’s an easy […]

Shed new light on your business with Nova Lux Media

‘Nova Lux’ is latin for ‘New Light’. Our aim is to bring your business into the consciousness of your consumer; to put you in the spotlight so that you can bring about your identity, passion and values, just as much as your services or products. We don’t just market you to the wider public, we […]

You don’t buy Brands, you join them

To be clear from the offset, it’s vital for businesses to invest in marketing strategies with clear CTAs to maintain cashflow but the business owners who focus on building Brand value, will win in the long term, without question. I once came across an interview with Marty Neumeier and as insightful as he always is, […]